How to register an object ?

1. Scan the QR Code on the label

logo android If you have an Android phone, you have two possibilities to scan the tag

  • either with a RFID reader included in your phone
  • or with a QR code reader (QR Droïd or Mobile Tag to install from Google Play)

logo iphone If you have an iPhone, only one possibility : scan the tag with a QR Code reader ( Mobile Tag or QR Reader to install from the AppStore) Once you have scanned the label, you are directed to the page to register your object.

flash du qr code

2. Register your object

enregistrement objet

Fulfill the form

If you do not want to fill all the fields, it's possible. However, we recommend you to fulfull at least the mnemonic field to remember which object it is the day you lose your object and when somebody finds it.

Press «Send»

enregistrement confirmé

Your object is registered. An email has been sent to you to confirm your object's registration.

3. In case of loss

contact propriétaire

If you lose your object, the person who finds it will scan the label and will be directed to a form to get in touch with you.