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Tag - RFID - Standard

Tag - RFID - Standard

Travel Tag - RFID - Standard

Travel Tag - RFID - Standard

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why put a Padoo tag rather than a classical label with my name and address ?
  • You do not necessarily want your address and phone number are visible to everyone. With a Padoo tag you register your object only with your email, and you still have the ability to write only your name. With Padoo when your tag is scanned by someone, you have the information about its location.

  • Can we find my contact with a Padoo tag ?
  • The Padoo tag contains no personal information: technically there is no way to find your personal data with a Padoo tag. Furthermore, even if you have registered your details later, we are committed not to disclose to private persons.

  • Does Padoo can help me find my keys at home ?
  • No, we have choosen not to use heavy technology, including no battery often associated with the technology used for the objects lost at home. Our technology is simple and requires no battery or obligation to be replaced in time.

  • The Padoo tags contain RFID chips, is it dangerous ?
  • The RFID chip in the Padoo tag is passive, which means that it only emits waves in the presence of a specific electromagnetic field (of RFID reader). There are no personal information encoded on the chip which limits the risk of privacy breach.

  • With the Padoo tag, can I trace my item ?
  • No, we have choosen not to use heavy technology which does not allow tracing. However, when your label is scanned you have an indication of its geographical position.

  • With the Padoo tag, do I have to rely on people's honesty to get my object back ?
  • Yes, but studies show that the more the object is valuable the more the person who found it will make sure to find the owner. According to a study conducted in France, Germany and Canada from 1000 people

    • If the object is labelled and found to have significant value, only 7% keeps the object: the others will return it (62%) or bring it to the relevant service (26%), or leave it behind (5%).
    • If the object found is not labelled and has a significant value, 28% keeps the object. This study demonstrates the importance of identifying objects.
  • How to register my object ?
  • Follow the instructions found on the following page How to use my tag